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Police motorcycle skills for ALL riders

Welcome to ProRider Richmond
We're taking your riding skills to a whole new level!
We will teach you to master the same skills police motor officers use daily across the country!

ProRider is an "Advanced" motorcycle training school meaning you are NOT learning from scratch. "Advanced" simply means you know how to ride and you have a motorcycle to train on. You will greatly improve your skill while mastering the motorcycle you normally ride!

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 "So, the ProRider Richmond class is already paying off. While riding home from work today, an elderly gentleman turned into my lane. I was about 45mph when he pulled out as I had just entered the intersection. Quick mirror check and lane change, went right around him, One of the exercised we did Saturday was obstacle avoidance at higher speeds. Paid off today." - Larry C.

"Today was amazing with knowledge any video can't teach you. The instructor was knowledgeable and demonstrated every stage of training. I highly recommend ProRider Richmond."- Tony L.

"I have been operating a motorcycle off and on for around 43 years. Today I learned to really ride a motorcycle and improved my skills. I am nowhere close to where I want my skill level, but I got a great foundation started today. I would highly recommend this course to anyone spending time on two wheels. It could be a lifesaver."- Larry

"The ProRider Richmond Course was great. Totally worth it. It really pushes your ability making you a better rider. Daniel is a great instructor. I would take it again in a heartbeat.- Joe

"This was a great class with a great group of guys. Excellent instructors. This class has improved my maneuverability on the bike. Thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to additional classes/rides."- Eric

"The defensive rider course I took under Instructor Daniel Deaton offered me lots of techniques to avoid common causes of motorcycle accidents. He patiently explains and demonstrates every maneuver and then gives you plenty of time to practice them. He keeps his classes small so that everyone gets the one on one advice and instruction that can benefit them. I feel so much more confident and empowered to ride after taking this class. I am a fairly new rider but there were very experienced riders in my class, and we all had a great time and came away with some new or refreshed skills. I would definitely suggest any motorcyclists take this course at ProRider Richmond."-  Susan

I am 62 yrs old and have been riding a motorcycle most of my life. This past weekend I took the ProRider defensive riding class. I ride an HD bagger which weighs over 800 lbs. I think this class made me feel more comfortable in controlling my bike most especially in hard braking.
Daniel is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend this class to everyone no matter your skill level." - David

"I looked for riding classes outside of the basic licensing class. I found ProRider by word of mouth and social media. The owner of ProRider is a Motor Officer and most of all someone who wants other motorcyclists to gain knowledge and skills to keep them safer on the roads. I paid the money and was contacted quickly as well as any questions or concerns answered. I came to the class nervous and was welcomed right away. I had like most people watched videos and read about how to hone your skills. I can tell you that while videos are helpful they are nothing compared to actually coming to ProRider Richmond. Not only was every stage explained and demonstrated by Daniel he would literally be right there to encourage and talk you through everything. What I learned that day and practiced of object avoidance and maneuvering after the class has helped me and without a doubt keeping me a safer rider. I Highly recommend ProRider Richmond, It’s what you learn after you know that will make you better."- Tony

"Awesome course and awesome instructor! Thank you for the opportunity, I highly recommend this course to even the most seasoned riders!"-- Kenny

"If you want to test your skills, this is the class to take. I ride a sport bike and learning how to do tight twists and turns only improved my riding, confidence, and skills! The instructor was patient and willing to help me learn at a good pace, when I get another bike I’ll definitely be taking this class again!"- Katie

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you provide a motorcycle, or do I use by own bike in the course?


A - Since ProRider classes are designed to help you handle your bike with greater ease and confidence, the classes are conducted on your own bike, allowing you to truly learn it's dynamics, handling, capabilities and limitations.

Q - If I have been through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Rider's Edge or Harley Riding Academy Courses, do I need ProRider Training?


A - Yes you do, we are an advanced training that teaches Police Motorcycle Skills that are only taught in police motorcycle training. Our classes are the next level of training that will improve your riding ability, riding confidence and may save your life!

Q - What kind of bike can I bring to the course?


A - The best bikes for this course are ones that are close to factory stock - most any street-legal motorcycle can do these exercises, but bikes with tall handlebars (ape hangers), sport bikes with lengthened swing arms, and dual-purpose bikes (street/dirt) with off road knobby tires will have difficulty in the course. Feel free to contact your local instructor with any bike modification questions.

Q - I'm new to riding - is this course for me?


A - We recommend that you have some riding experience - at least a season under your belt - or have successfully completed an MSF rider class, Harley Riding Academy or equivalent school prior to attending this course. ProRider is aimed for experienced riders who have successfully completed these other classes and are looking for the "next level" of challenge and improvement. This class is beyond the level of training you receive from MFS type classes.

Q - I've been riding for years. Will I learn anything in this course?


A - Absolutely! Many of our instructors are seasoned police motorcycle officers who have worked many crashes involving "experienced riders". Often, these riders have the crash avoidance "head knowledge" but have never physically practiced those maneuvers and developed the appropriate "muscle memory" to successfully implement them. You will leave this class a better rider!

Q - Will I drop my bike? I do not want to damage it.


A - Far more bikes are dropped in a basic MSF class than a ProRider class. The only way to guarantee that you will not drop your bike is never to take it out of the garage or leaving it in your driveway... Unfortunately, even in the most basic MSF classes people sometimes drop their bikes. However, we make every effort to help you safely perform these exercises without risk to you or your bike. Our exercises start "slow and wide" and we gradually increase the challenge as your gain confidence and skill. While we do not predict or anticipate bikes "dropping", we do provide you with the opportunity to remove your saddlebags, wrap your engine guards with rubber hose, or take other safeguarding measures. We do not anticipate any injures or any damage to any motorcycles. We have had several thousand riders, just like you, attend our nationwide classes and they continue to return for more great training!

Q - Will I receive a discount on my motorcycle insurance for taking this course?


A - We provide a training certificate that many insurance companies honor and many do offer a discount on your insurance rates upon successful completion of this course. You may want to contact your agent for more details and to find out if you are eligible for a discount upon completion of this course.

Q - Is this a rain or shine class?


A - While we should develop skills for all types of weather, we don't like unnecessary risks while learning. Many of the exercises, especially the crash avoidance skills, require a dry surface for maximum safety. Each ProRider Training Site will closely monitor weather forecasts prior to the class and offer rain dates if the crash avoidance portion must be postponed or cancelled.

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